You Provide the Content. We Do the Rest. No Upfront Cost to You.

SPACEMOB studio has a knack for business development, sales, and distribution of content – mainly due to the fact that we’re also creators with decades of experience getting our work distributed.

Like many creators, we’ve experienced the wild journey that is financing, producing, and distributing our films, TV and digital content. Taking that journey a few times has provided us the knowledge and tools we need to help others get their projects across the finish line and out into the world.

In partnering with SPACEMOB, you get a studio partner with established relationships across entertainment, streaming, digital media and advertising. In addition, we have a team of editors, writers, coloring specialists, musicians and others to assist in getting your project finalized and in great shape for us to shop it and find the right distribution opportunities for you.

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  • Broadcast

    While streaming is where we see the majority of new content opportunities, there are still great opportunities for the right projects to land on major broadcast networks. We’ll always work to find the best landing spot for your project.

  • Streaming

    All the streaming services are competing for new content and want new originals and exclusives to further engage their users. In dealing with the major streaming services, opportunities undoubtedly revolve around The Content.

  • FAST Channels

    New content is in high demand among the many free ad-supported streaming (FAST) channels in the market. We own and operate our own FAST channels in addition to having partnerships with other channel owners.

"A writer needs a pen. An artist needs a brush.
But a filmmaker needs an army."
~Orson Wells


We’re selectively seeking quality content for TV (series, feature films, sketch comedy, standup comedy, documentaries, etc.) in almost any vertical or category. There’s an expanding market for good content of all types, new and old, and we have many distribution avenues for landing deals.


When looking to monetize your film or TV project you need a partner who has been in your shoes as a creator and who can do the heavy lifting of getting your titles generating meaningful revenue streams across all aspects of streaming and without logistical headaches and heavy costs.