The Red Green Channel Is Coming To Streaming Via Partnership With SPACEMOB studio

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The Red Green Channel Is Coming To Streaming Via Partnership With SPACEMOB studio

OVERLAND PARK, KS / May 11, 2021 / SPACEMOB studio today announced an agreement to bring the classic Canadian comedy, The Red Green Show, to cord- cutting audiences around the globe via a 24/7 streaming channel.

The Red Green Show follows the hapless handyman Red Green, his nerdy nephew Harold and a colorful cast of characters as they film a do-it-yourself TV show. Standing on a foundation of popular recurring bits, the classic sitcom-sketch comedy hybrid ran on Canadian television for 15 years, racking up 23 Gemini nominations (the Canadian equivalent of the Emmy award).

“Over the years The Red Green Show has played a special role in the lives of many families, especially throughout Canada- with its weekly satire and variety style programming.  It’s exciting for SPACEMOB studio to be able to partner with one of the show’s Creators Steve Smith and his team to bring The Red Green Show to a new generation of audiences throughout the streaming space.  We are confident that by making Red Green available to everyone, it will ignite a new passion for the show in audiences who have never seen it, while giving people already familiar with the show a broader opportunity to consume it.”  said Eric Keith, President – SPACEMOB studio.

“Since online streaming becomes a bigger and more important part of TV consumption for fans of The Red Green Show, we’re excited to partner with SPACEMOB studio in distributing The Red Green Show across all streaming platforms…This partnership will give our existing fans even more ways to watch The Red Green Show and will allow their kids to be exposed to it as they help mom and dad figure out what streaming is. We also look forward to bringing Red Green to a massive new audience who enjoy our brand of wit and wisdom.” said David T. Smith, S&S Productions Inc.: The Red Green Show.

“People have started watching TV again the way we used to – in a linear format.  Fortunately for our fans, we are used to enjoying old things.  Looking forward to SPACEMOB studio distributing The Red Green Show across the broader streaming space to expand our audience and give our
existing fanbase even more options for watching The Red Green Show,” Smith added.

The Red Green Channel is expected to be available in Q3 of 2021.