The Way We Move: Ladybird In Quarantine The Latest Original Series From SPACEMOB studio

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The Way We Move: Ladybird In Quarantine The Latest Original Series From SPACEMOB studio

OVERLAND PARK, KS / MAY 6, 2021 / SPACEMOB studio today announced the start of post-production work for The Way We Move: Ladybird in Quarantine, the group’s foray into COVID-centric filmmaking.

The Way We Move: Ladybird in Quarantine follows the raw story of a struggling business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fighting for their lives and livelihoods, the CEO of Ladybird Styling Lab, confronts a business on the brink of collapse following the nation-wide COVID lockdown. Forced to adapt or die, the tight-knit group of women embrace the idea that necessity if the mother of invention, and use the opportunity presented by quarantine to guide their operation into the digital age.

“I am so glad that people are going to get to witness Ladybird’s experience through streaming television. We have been battling as a small business to make a big mark, but this pandemic threw us for a massive loop. The Way We Move: Ladybird in Quarantine will hopefully show the world what we went through, and what small business owners all over the world have faced”, said Molly Bingaman, Ladybird Founder.

“Our lives were rocked during the quarantine period, and we tried to record everything we could, thinking that maybe someone could learn or relate to our experience.  Our styling lab in Kansas City, Ladybird, has taken over so much of our lives and energy over the past years, and getting to see it come to life on screen is pretty overwhelming. Everything is real- the struggles – the frustrations- the growth, and the empowerment. It’s like a tribute to all we have gone through”, said Rachel Doescher, Ladybird Co-Owner.

“We were really intrigued at the idea of visually sharing the struggle of the small business during the pandemic.  Ladybird style lab in Kansas City, was the perfect partner, as they are wonderful, they have a devoted group of clients, and they faced catastrophic struggles around how to pivot during this time of crisis.  The Way We Move utilized a mixture of professional photography, self-taped footage, and Zoom style video calls, which combined to tell the painful story of the emotional struggle for this small business- Ladybird to make it in a very unique way
way.  We are proud to release this project as part of our SPACEMOB studio Original Series program”, said Eric Keith, President of SPACEMOB studio.