Enjoy the Journey

SPACEMOB studio creates, produces and distributes content across broadcast and streaming TV. As filmmakers and creators, we have experienced the journey that is financing, producing, and distributing films, TV, and OTT content. That journey has given us the tools needed to help others get their projects across the finish line and out into the world.


The original series, feature films and documentaries, in addition to client work, that we have done has been seen on MSNBC, Netflix, Plex, RadTV, Docurama and more.

FAST Channels

We develop, manage and distribute Channels across free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) where are content gets to passionate fanbases across the globe.


Whether it’s giving old content life again or producing something new, we’re your production partner for everything from vision and approach to post-production and distribution.


When the right projects come across our desk, we’re open to investing under the right circumstances to get original projects completed and out into the world.


We distribute our own work across many of the largest streaming services and can help you find the right distribution opportunities for your project or series as well.


As a global media company, we have advertising and sales resources unique to a distribution and production studios and we put those resources to work to help you.


Get in touch and let’s discuss your content needs or distribution opportunity. If there is a fit, we’ll establish the right partnership and work with you to create a strategy that best addresses your needs.